Mahara Gardens
The Mahara Sculpture Park gardens are diverse and not at all too formal.  The secret to them is the feel of the property itself, that’s where the action is if somewhat unseen and it colours the whole experience with beautiful vibes...... or so we are often told. We have somewhat dedicated gardens like that of the Kauri Pond, where the featured planting is assorted Bromelias.  Now this would not be a usual choice for the specific climate here, it does get cold, big pond freezing cold, and yet the Bromelias have for the most part adapted to their place under the trees along with orchids. The very park like sweep of lawns, and the moss lawn (it’s gorgeous), all tie together an assortment of flowers, shrubs, vege’s. fruit trees, and ponds blended with the native flora. It is beyond the scope of this web page to feature it all so what you are about to see is a selection of photos taken over the past 2 or 3 years of little interesting bits, colourful bits, more a collection of things seen in the garden rather than the gardens themselves. There are a lot of images on this page so click on the images for a larger viewing.