Moods of Maumaupaki
After living here for a while one can’t help but notice the Moods of Maumaupak, the singular most prominent feature of the area, centre stage, north east of Mahara. Some call it a mountain around here but it’s not really, too small, yet neither is it a hill, nor even a small mountain, it is Maumaupaki ‘the mountain that entraps fair skies’. Needless to say it can be somewhat scenic often at times when there are few to see and although i don’t entirely agree with the ‘fair skies’ bit it need documenting to share. Right now as i write the misty mount of the morning is changing quickly as i type a few characters and then leap up to grab a shot. It’s only a suggestion of form this morning. The following images are an attempt to convey a feel for you. Click on the images for larger.